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VR Optical Modules

Help VR Glasses lightweight upgrade

Optometry Modules

Youth myopia prevention and control products

AR Optical Modules

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Customer Cases


Application Scenarios

AR + Industrial

Applying AR technology to industrial scenes, provide remote collaboration, maintenance and expert guidance, smart inspection, teach training and other functions, which is conducive to cost reduction and efficiency improvement of enterprises, and will boost the digital transformation and high-quality development of China's industrial and manufacturing industries.
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AR + Health

AR technology can integrate with excellent medical resources and improve the ability when dealing with difficult diseases. When wearing AR smart glasses, on-site doctors can communicate with telemedicine experts in real time, and experts can watch and participate in the whole process of surgery from the first perspective. Secondly, real-time video recording can record the actual process of surgery, which is convenient for future reference comparison, experience summary and even investigation and evidence collection.
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AR + Metaverse

Accessing metaverse applications through AR devices can greatly enrich and enhance the efficiency and experience of home office and teleconference, create virtual workspaces anytime and anywhere, and meet the needs of virtual office, training and entertainment with the help of 3D visualization, workflow guidance and avatar technologies, effectively helping users to complete complex tasks in special environments.
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AR + Cultural Tourism

Applying AR technology to cultural tourism scenes can provide AR display and interaction of virtual creative content such as historical and cultural relics for tourist attractions and cultural pavilions around the world, helping to create a chic visual experience combining reality and imagination and enhance reputation.
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AR + security

Applying AR technology to security scenes, through the first view of real-time recording, video link with the command office to assist in dealing with unexpected situations; or through the network to connect the backstage and big data systems, the use of artificial intelligence and other technologies to compare and analyze suspicious characters, so as to identify the detection of key personnel, to achieve intelligent security and help build a smart city security system.
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AR+ Sim Training

Applying AR technology to simulate training scenes, which can realize sandbox 3D simulation and deduction of large activities, and transmit front-line images back to the command through AR glasses, and AR technology can also be used during marching to assist reconnaissance, view information such as maps or instructions, free your hands and not easily expose the target.
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Let AR return to AR, NED launched a new product: Freeform Diamond Pro

NED has made a significant upgrade on the basis of freeform diamonds, and launched freeform diamond Pro AR optical solutions

NED uses freeform technology to promote the miniaturization of optical waveguide

which enable the light waveguide display system to be more close to the form of ordinary glasses.

Lenovo Glass T1 uses NED Freeform Diamond AR optical solutions

Lenovo Yoga smart glasses T1 are using the newly developed Freeform Diamond AR optical solution developed by NED.