Large Screen High Definition Display Application Scene

1920*1080*2 High resolution gives you extraordinary high-definition AR display effect for various HD picture application scenarios.

Many Industry Applications

Industrial Remote Guidance

The first view of the maintenance engineer is transmitted to the experts outside the site, and the expert guides the field engineer through the software at the other end. 

Educational Interaction

Through high-definition and big FOV AR display, students or trainees can see the 3D virtual objects with a sense of depth in front of their eyes.Students do not need to use imagination to feel spatial location relationship, as if it were seen with their own eyes. 

Medical Image Overlay & Telemedicine

By superimposing real-time 3D medical images, doctors are provided with highly effective surgical and medical information to enhance medical efficacy and efficiency. Or connect with an expert doctor outside the operating room to perform remote surgical guidance.

3D Recognization

After the AR head-displayed camera recognizes the card, a virtual 3D model is loaded on the card in the field of view of the AR glasses. Used in education and teaching, it has a very real sense of experience.

Drone Controlling

The AR dispaly device can be connected to the drone controller and use head movement to control the drone, real-time access to the high-definition video signal of the drone camera, the first perspective to experience the shock effect of the flight. 

Improve Vision

Greatly improve the visual acuity of low vision patients and mild blindness (up to eight lines of visual acuity in preliminary tests), and it is expected to help patients with retinal defects, tubular sight and so on to improve their vision experience.

Cultural Tourism Experience Museum

Cooperate with professional tourism exhibition companies to provide AR exhibition support for tourist attractions and cultural pavilions around the world, and use Nedaku AR glasses as the carrier to create the ultimate interactive experience.

Winter Olympics Performance Training

Through the visual transformation of the giant panda props in Beijing's eight-minute performance, the panda's prop's external camera is equipped with a pan tilt. The pan-tilt connects the internal actor with the Neidejia AR glasses, which can help the giant panda actor to solve the problem.